Saturday, August 22, 2009

Home Networking

About 5 years ago, the 1394TA marketing working group chairman and I decided that we needed to position 1394 as a unique solution, able to do something that nothing else can do. This is consistent with item two in my “Apple formula for success” list. We selected Home Networking. USB can’t do it. HDMI can’t do it. At the time, DLNA was not around, so Ethernet could not do it. Home computers had 1394 as did digital STBs, Digital VHS tape decks, and a growing number of HDTVs.

The idea of using 1394 for home networking had been around for years. Gary Hoffman (first chairman of the 1394TA) presented 1394 as a home network at the first 1394 Developers Conference on July 28, 1997. VESA Home Networks (now the DisplayPort people) announced a “proof of concept” using 1394 on April 1, 1998. CEA showed the Virtual Home Network (VHN) based on 1394 at CES on January 8, 2001. When USTec announced tecStream with 1394 in April of 2005, things looked good, but they pulled the product about a year later due to “interoperability problems working with 1394 products in the field.” No VESA network, no VHN network, no tecStream network…

What happened?

And what is happening now?

More to come....

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