Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Competiton Slips

Ethernet was never intended to carry time sensitive data, such as video. With video, every frame needs to make it to the TV screen on time or the results are unacceptable. DLNA had to do a total rework of Ethernet. The result is a new technology based on Ethernet but one that will not work with traditional Ethernet products.

1394, on the other hand, was developed to carry time sensitive data and to prevent collisions.

All this left me wondering why they would do a massive rework of an ancient technology (Ethernet), then rebrand it as “DLNA” so that only “DLNA” products would be expected to work together (and no Ethernet products). It would have been faster to have added a few features to 1394 and called it “HANA” (for example) and then built expectations that HANA products would work with HANA products. The nonsense of their logic was stunning.

Two years ago, the DLNA group hired a full time person to oversee their compliance program. However, even with this level of effort to assure interoperability, their product introduction failed. Earlier this year, retail giant Best Buy rejected DLNA claims to interoperability after problems surfaced in their own private tests. Several DLNA participants admitted in the press that the group had failed to deliver as promised.

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