Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Stealth Marketing…my version part 5

I had two thoughts. My first thought was that people like to take things that are not exactly offered to them. The notepad and pen were there to be used while the person was on the phone. If that person took either or both, he got something for nothing that he may or may not have been entitled to. It was unclear if the pad was placed there with the expectation that it would remain there for others to use. The person taking the notepad with them had the subtle thought in the back of their head that they were getting away with something. If you hand a notepad to someone as if you are giving them a small gift (as you would at a trade show), then they are not getting away with something and they are a little insulted that you are giving them something so trivial, cheap, and bland. That was theory one.

My second theory was more accurate, I think. My success resulted from effectively executing one of the four “Ps” of the traditional Marketing Mix (Product, Price, Place, Promotion); Place. I put my product where people needed it. Example: you can sell more bait at the marina than you can at the auto parts store. People at the lake have a greater need for fishing bait than the guy getting ready to tune up his car.

Essentially, I put a tool in the hands of decision makers at the moment and in the location where they needed it most.

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