Saturday, July 11, 2009

Marketing Primer: Step Two, Learn to be a person again

As a marketer, I had to learn to be a person again. And not just a person, but an outgoing, affable, likable person. Best of all, I had to learn what worked for me. Was I the backslapping, loud, confident guy? Was I the attentive, smiling, polite politician guy? Was I the funny, interesting entertainer guy? It did not matter what I had been in high school or college. It did not matter so much who I was when I was with my family or old friends. What mattered was what persona I could adopt that made people respond favorably to me immediately and then how to shift to a compatible persona that could close the deal. People have to like you before you can get your foot in the door but they have to respect you before they will buy what you are selling.

You don’t become a different person or put on a phony
facade. You discover what aspect of your personality works best in the environment you are functioning in. You do stress certain facets of your personality which would not normally be dominant, so in sense, you are faking it a bit. Only truly disagreeable and worthlessly self-focused people are honest all the time. Who tells a new parent that their baby girl looks like William Frawley (Fred Mertz from the old “I Love Lucy” TV show) or that a carefully prepared meal is terrible?

As a marketer, I learned to be more up-beat, more positive, and more ready to shake-off insults and get right back at the job of making 1394 a success. I had
FireWire in my blood and that made it easier to change. I had a goal in mind, and I needed to be a different person to achieve that goal.

And then there was “Public Speaking.” I was always the guy shaking so hard in front of a crowd that I could not read my notes. How was I ever going to overcome that fear?

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