Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Solution Looking for a Problem, part 7

The “Be the Cowboy not the Cow” idea was not ground breaking. It was not brilliant but it was a big step in the right direction. Do something that stands out. The message was lost on almost everyone. Our Asian counterparts did not understand it at all. They changed the headline to “One World, One Cable.” To our European associates, the message came across as “Be a Redneck…” They shrugged their shoulders and swallowed their embarrassment.

Our competitors Photoshopped the ad and changed the headline to read, “Where there are cows and cowboys, there is always a lot of fertilizer…”

In the end, the ad failed for a number of reasons. Chiefly, I made a mistake by leaving the ad in the hands of the junior marketers and ad agency. The image was good. The headline was attention getting. What failed was the body copy. It never built on the “Cowboy-Cow” concept. What the ad agency provided and the junior marketers accepted was generic “meaningless, highfalutin, marketing drivel” which could have been on an ad with a checkered flag made out of computer chips…

However, this did mark a turning point. The team started to get the idea that they did not have to go with the same old boring stuff. It was time to get creative. I finally succeeded in killing ads and we turned our attention to some of the most creative marketing being done in the industry.

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