Saturday, May 23, 2009

How I Saved USB 2.0

I was speaking at WinHEC 1999 in front of a huge crowd; 2,000 people or more. By far the largest crowd I’d ever spoken in front of. Rather than frightening me, it invigorated me. I was giving the best presentation of my life and could feel the audience getting into it.

USB 2.0 been announced a short time before with a top speed of 240 Mbps. I was deriding USB 2.0 in my presentation, saying that FireWire was rapidly headed for 400 Mbps because no one was interested in 200 mbps. I told USB they could have 240 Mbps; no one needed it.

The next speaker was from the USB camp. He congratulated me on an excellent speech and told the crowd I’d given him food for thought. Two months later, Intel announced that USB 2.0 was headed to 480 Mbps.

FireWire YouTube Videos by Jeff Cat

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  1. Even at speeds matching or exceeding FireWire, USB still suffers from the "up to XXX Mbps', whereas FireWire is an actual tangible speed. It is painful watching files transfer from a PC to an iPhone on USB once you have witnessed them going by FireWire

    Cheers !