Thursday, May 28, 2009

FireWire Inside, Part One

On December 19, 2002, twenty-two companies from the leaders in the cable TV and consumer A/V industry signed an agreement to include 1394 in High Def cable boxes.  This agreement was delivered to the FCC Chairman Michael Powell (Colin Powell’s son) and all seemed right with the world.  This was a rare case where the cable companies seemed to be working with the powerful Consumer Electronics Association.  This deal was brokered by Bob Perry who was VP of Marketing at Mitsubishi at the time and a powerful player inside CEA (the same trade group that sponsors the International CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas each January). 

Unfortunately, the FCC turned the agreement into an FCC ruling, which forced the inclusion of 1394 in cable boxes.  The cable industry was furious claiming that this ruling unfairly saddled them with the cost and responsibility of including FireWire and did not require the A/V companies to do the same.

The real reason the cable companies were unhappy was something they could not complain about openly.  They wanted to stymie what the FCC was trying to accomplish.

FireWire YouTube Videos by Jeff Cat

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