Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Early USB Camcorders

The TI 1394 Marketing Team was out gunned by the USB marketing machine.  The TI marketers had been writing test code for the Stealth Cruise Missile just prior to morphing into Marketers.  There was only one marketing degree among them and no marketing experience. 

The USB team fanned out across the globe turning 1394 customers away from 1394 to USB.  At one point, all the camcorder makers in Japan informed TI that they were canceling their FireWire orders as they had been informed that USB would meet all their needs and it would be free. TI Dallas dispatched two 1394 marketers to spend two weeks in Japan visiting the camcorder makers to go over all the requirements the camcorder makers had specified.  The goal was to see how USB could possibly meet their needs. 

Questions were asked such as:

“DV video requires 29.5 Megabits of bandwidth.  How are you going to do that with USB which tops out at 12 Megabits?”


“FireWire is peer-to-peer but USB is Master-Slave.  You are OK with a PC being required before you can get video off the camcorder?”

Answers came slowly as faces got very red and FireWire was designed back into the camcorders.

FireWire YouTube Videos by Jeff Cat

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