Thursday, May 21, 2009

Apple Marketing - Shock and Awe, Part Two

This second generation iMac contained FireWire and iMovie for video editing. We were already familiar with Apple’s marketing prowess with the “1984” commercial still ranking as the best Super Bowl Ad of all time, but what Apple was about to do was well beyond anything we were expecting. Apple was about to reinvent marketing the way they reinvented the computer. This was “shock and awe.”

Before we cover the Apple version of shock and awe, let’s talk about the Intel version. Intel incorporates a more traditional “overwhelming force” version of marketing. This is more similar to the military version (Iraq War) than what Apple does. This is a huge company and enormously influential with their customers. No one wants to irritate Intel. They have a unique ability to get behind one thing with single-minded determination and no mixed loyalties. Every other company I know of in the industry has mixed loyalties. Sony uses both USB and FireWire in their computers, as does Apple. Texas Instruments sells USB, FireWire, DVI, and HDMI products, as does Molex. No one else can turn all their energy into making one technology dominate like Intel can. Intel put their considerable muscle behind USB and nothing else. I spoke to dozens of people all over the world who acknowledged that they did not believe what they were being told about USB 2.0 but in the end they said, “It is Intel. We can not afford to go against them.” It was like taking a stand against a hurricane.

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